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I'm Meghan and I've been keeping journals for 30 years, since I was eight years old. Compelled to chronicle the mundane and profound, I offer the contents of my heart, mind, and soul to you so you may laugh, cry, relate, disagree, and get reacquainted with your interior world.

Inside the books you will find the personal and universal; meditations on identity, culture, and relationships; candor; empathy; pain; humor; and the unexpected. You are invited.


The Story Behind the Stories

At my best friend's bachelorette party in 2013, a friend asked what I planned to do with my 90+ journals. She said her niece was coming upon adolescence and would benefit from reading the intimate account of another girl her age. This friend suggested I publish my early journals. As I drove home from the weekend, I decided to publish all of  them. 

I struggled for years to understand what kind of writer I am. I still don't have an answer to that but for simplicity, let's call me a confessional diarist.

In addition to the journals, I write on whatever fascinates me at the moment - observations on culture and current events, spelunking into true crime, and philosophizing about cats and humans.



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